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A cellist, a singer, and a guitarist onstage

Chick Habit

  • Chick Habit

Chick Habit is a three-piece acoustic group hailing from Annapolis, Maryland. Mix cello, guitar and one powerful (yet innocent) voice - then muddle and serve over ice, and you have these guys. ​Chick Habit writes simultaneously of being spurned by old lovers and the StayPuft Marshmallow Man. Gentle, yet firm acoustic tones, silky vocals and layered songs create a pleasant atmosphere of tunage. Sally provides cookies for practice.

Bob misses them terribly, but you need to know that their one and only EP: "The Backseat" only has a few more physical CDs left for sale.  From the lovely Sassafras, to the dark sarcasm of Harassment Panda, to the haunting acapella of Hollow Man - this EP will taunt you with thoughts of "what might have been."

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