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Daylight Savings

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

We here at Bob the Organism Records wish to throw our support behind a somewhat fringe movement (for now) aiming to eliminate daylight savings time for good.

But not just daylight savings or the hour shift, we're talking time, as in, we want to eliminate time.

By eliminating time, you'll be creating so much of it, in fact, you won't be able to figure out what to do with the vacuous void you've created by getting rid of time.

Think of all the records you could listen to after untethering yourself from the cumbersome laws of physics.

Think of all the awkward social engagements you can skip now, but without time, nobody can schedule anything, and you'll be unable to arrive early, late, or at all.

Time is a vicious succubus of events, something that really drags you forward closer to your inevitable death.

That's why our little record label is accepting donations to the tune of the cost of one record to be used to get rid of time beyond memory. We'll even ship you a record in exchange for your contribution to our plan.

We'll be releasing said plan, and some new music from our amazing bands, soon, even though soon under our new concept of time is relative to the sensation of feeling like it.



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