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Somewhere between college radio darlings The Dead Pens and east coast horror punk legends The Phantom Limbs, is where you'll find OC MD rocker Ryan Abbott's first solo project: Rabbits Anonymous.  Kicking off with single "Quick Hide The Weed" (60,000 YouTube views and counting!), the guitarist who's spent two decades as everyone else's muse gives us a jangly and raucous window into his brain full of rock-pop hooks. The record closes with a six song jagged-edged, punk-coated, rock opera about Joseph Merrick, aka the Elephant Man. With the help of songwriter/arranger/cellist Sally McGee (Chick Habit, The Dead Pens) and theatrical maestro Tally Wilford, Abbott recruited musicians from the dank seaside bars of Ocean City, MD. The result is Rabbits Anonymous and the Suite of the Elephant Man, a collection of dark alternative pop songs about Joseph Merrick’s final act of rebellion. It humbly offers hope, comfort, empathy, snarky nostalgia, silliness, and stolen moments. This album is one strange and wild ride.


BOB Says: "This record isn't about impressing people. It's about offering a different perspective in a time where folks are married their worldviews. It's about opening a staticky phone line to speak with ghosts, some of whom don't even know they're dead." 


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VINYL: Rabbits Anonymous & The Suite of the Elephant Man

SKU: 19526919044
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