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Session musicians recording a Rabbits Anonymous record in the studio

Rabbits Anonymous

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A lot of different bands got chucked into the blender for this one. Ryan Abbott, the east-coast surf and puck rock guitar legend (and founding member of several of the label's bands), found himself with a stack of songs and projects that didn't quite fit into anything else he was doing. So, during the Covid-19 pandemic, he called up all his fellow musicians whom he trusted were not outside licking fire hydrants during these virulent times and hauled them into a sanitized Sweetfoot Studios to record them all. Of course, most musicians are hydrant lickers, but enough to make the record showed up and what became of those sessions was "Rabbits Anonymous and the Suite of the Elephant Man," a full length record due out in 2023. The B-side features Abbott's mini-rock opera about Joseph Merrick. A single - "Quick! Hide the Weed" and accompanying music video - is due out ahead the album's release. Possessing a prolific and frenetic songwriting muscle, a firehose of new music is likely to come afterward.


Bob is very happy to announce that Rabbits Anonymous' debut full-length album will be released digitally early in 2023, and on vinyl shortly thereafter.

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