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Session musicians recording a Rabbits Anonymous record in the studio

Rabbits Anonymous

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Nestling somewhere between college radio and east coast horror garage punk; between a beach battered by an autumn nor'easter and an unmarked grave beneath a London church, you’ll find Rabbits Anonymous sitting cross-legged, carving a bowl out of a small field pumpkin.


Guitarist/songwriter, Ryan Abbots smiles, knowing that what has crawled out of the space between his ears is nothing short of a jagged-edged, punk-coated, rock opera. With the help of songwriter/cellist Sally McGee and theatrical maestro Tally Wilford, Abbot recruited musicians from the dank seaside bars of Ocean City, MD. The result is Rabbits Anonymous and the Suite of the Elephant Man, a collection of dark alternative pop songs about Joseph Merrick’s final act of rebellion. It humbly offers hope, comfort, empathy, snarky nostalgia, youthful silliness, and stolen moments. This record is less about impressing people as it is about opening a staticky phone line to speak with ghosts, some you know, some you don't. Sometimes it's for ghosts that don't know they're ghosts yet. 

Bob is very happy to announce that Rabbits Anonymous' debut full-length album claimed its place on radio charts shortly after release, charting at #6 for Top Streams, #8 for Top Downloads on the MMD charts, and #226 on national AMA Americana albums. Their single Quick! Hide the Weed charted #10 on Top Streams.

Quick! Hide the Weed (Official Video)

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