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Three members of the Phantom Limbs stand on the boardwalk in front of closed shops

The Phantom Limbs

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The Phantom Limbs started back in '08 as a low-fi three-piece garage band in Ocean City playing original surf and punk in an abandoned storage unit that used to be a chicken house. They mixed adventurous instrumentals, informed by Dick Dale, the Reverend Horton Heat and the Ventures, with thoughtful pop songs invoking names like McCartney or Costello. Banging out new material almost as fast as they played, the Limbs put out a trilogy of EPs in four years, and a full length record in 2015, all the while playing raucous shows up and down the east coast. Playing with countless surf and punk rock legends, the TPL legend was built one fan at a time up and down the eastern seaboard.

Bob is sad to note that only the 2015 full-length "Get Wet With The Mothman" is still in print, but he's working to convince the Limbs to let us release their back catalog digitally! 

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