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Musicians Bryan Russo and Ryan Abbott in a newsroom



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UPDATE: In the year since it's release, In The Key of WTF! has been getting great reviews and airplay!  On the indie charts since its debut, In The Key of WTF! has spent 16 weeks on the AMA Americana Charts (#128, debut #191), 3 weeks on the College Radio Charts, and hit the Relix Magazine/ Top 30 (#25) in November. In The Key of WTF! has been added at nearly 100 terrestrial radio stations across the country - with more in review! THANK YOU!


“WTF indeed! I put this on for a spin, and wasn’t just immediately hooked, I’m on my third listen in a row. Bursting with originality and old-fashioned, hard-driving songs of activism and pure joy.” - Tony Frankel — Stage & Cinema

Enter Journos: a charismatic and compelling duo of seasoned newspaper journalists unwilling to accept the death of print news. Lyricist Bryan Russo teams up with workhorse punk-rocker Ryan Abbott. Adding drummer Ryan Jared, they unleash a terrific collection of deep-thinking hard-drinking songs.


A scathing editorial, Journos' debut full-length album In the Key of WTF is a sonic statement that neither buries the lead nor misses the point. If there was ever an album to herald a bold message as assertive as it is disruptive, this is the one. Russo and Abbot come together to commiserate on the state of the world with guitars in their laps and drinks in their hands. 

Bob is looking for a big Indie-Americana breakout with this 2023 release. 

Order the limited edition vinyl now! Find In the Key Of WTF! everywhere here.


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