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Quick! Hide the Weed.

We're only a week or so out from dropping the new Rabbits Anonymous single "Quick! Hide the Weed" and we couldn't be more excited to put this thing that's been incubating now for two years out there in the world to become a majestic butterfly.

And by majestic butterfly I mean a song that nobody will listen to because the entire planet gives two shits about new music.

I digress.

The Journos album is also being mixed. I reckon a few people will give a shit about that one. Oh, and also Rabbits Anonymous/Phantom Limbs will be opening for Lennex in their big reunion show at the Globe.

Give a shit.

For the price of a cup of coffee - I'm talking lattes here, people, not your oil slick WaWa coffee - you too can give a shit.


PS - I don't give a shit either. Look at this record I'm munching. Nom nom.

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